We also offer a range of services Including:

DDE/DME Repairs

• Read and Write ISN.

• Programming and Encoding.

• Clone Existing Damaged Ecu.

• Match Replacement Ecu To Your Car.

EWS/CAS Repairs and Imaging

• Read and Write ISN

• Read and Write/Repair EEprom data.

• Downgrade/Upgrade For Security Reading.

• Clone Damaged Module.

FRM Repair Service

• Repair Faulty Modules.

• No Comms, Window And Lighting Issues.

• Recover And Reprogram EEprom Details.

• Reprogram Back To Spec, So Plug and Play.

New Key Fobs

• Replacement Keys Cut And Programmed.

• Upgrade Existing Key to New Styles.

• Mail Order Service Available.

• While You Wait Service Available.

Encoding And Programming

• Used Modules Programmed And Encoded

• Individual Software Updates

• Vin And Mileage Correction, (used cluster).

• Dash/Kombi Virginised For Replacement.

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